Mudhol hound

The MUDHOL HOUND also known as CARAVEN HOUND, is an Indian breed of dog of the sight-hound type.  The feathered variety is commonly referred to as PASHMI.  In the villages he is known as the KARWANI.  It’s a common companion amongst village folk in India’s Deccan Plateau, who use the dog for hunting and guarding.
The KCI (Kennel Club of India) registers it as a CARAVEN HOUND, while the INKC ( Indian National Kennel Club) goes with the name MUDHOL HOUND.  It has well-defined characteristics.  The head is long and narrow, broad between the ears with a tapering muzzle.  The jaws are long and powerful, with a scissors bite.  The nose is large and black.  The ears are pendulous and hang close to the skull.  The eyes are large and oval in shape, from dark to hazel.  It has a piercing gaze.  The neck is long, clean and muscular.  The gait is high-footed, flexing all four legs.  There are two coat varieties —– One with an entirely smooth coat ( MUDHOL) and the other with silky featherings on the ears, legs and tail (PASHMI).  Acceptable colours are fawn, fallow, red, cream, black and mouse-grey.
It’s a working hound.  They are elegant, graceful and courageous.  It is not an ideal dog for an apartment dweller, as it needs lots of space and exercise.  If treated with kindness and respect, it can be exceptionally loyal.  They are not friendly, and do not like to be touched by strangers.
The MUDHOL HOUND was introduced to the Deccan Plateau of Western India from Central Asia and Arabia.  It can, thus, be considered to be the direct descendant of the SALUKI or TAZI.  The breed is popular in and around MUDHOL taluk of Karnataka, and thus the breed got the name MUDHOL.  MUDHOL HOUNDS, which were on the verge of extinction, are much sought after now, thanks to the Canine Research & Information Centre at Thimmapur village of Bagalkot District.  Thousands of dog lovers flocked the first Indian Dog Breeds Speciality Show in Bagalkot, where more than 300 dogs took part.  The farmers sold each hound for more than Rs.10,000, indicating that the market for the local breed is growing rapidly and there is a potential for more.  The Centre has provided puppies to more than 350 families in the Bagalkot District.  It also supplies food and free medical care to these hounds, apart from giving adequate training to the farmers.  There is a big demand for the MUDHOL HOUNDS from different parts of the country and abroad.
The hound is known for its ability to endure extreme weather, ability to smell and hunting skills.  Breeding the hounds has become an alternative source of income for poor Dalits.

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