This and That

(1) REVERIE is the groundwork of creative imagination; it is the privilege of the artist, that with him it is, as not with other men, an escape from reality, but the means by which he acceded to it.

(2) BRIBE : A poor man’s need; A rich man’s greed.

(3) Everything is perfect —— coming from the hands of the Creator; everything degenerates —– in the hands of men.
(4) What’s the difference between a beautiful girl and a mouse ?  One charms the hes and the other harms the cheese.
Sergey-Bubka-pole-vault(5) Sergei Bubka, world champion pole-vaulter said, ” No athlete can jump that great height —- WITHOUT A POLE.  At the same time, he cannot jump that height —- WITH THE POLE  If the vaulter clings to the pole, he will dislodge the barrier.  The pole has to be discarded, when he reaches that height.  Only then, he can cross over and go to the other side.”  Similarly, you cannot reach God’s Hand, by clinging on to this world.  You can reach it, by discarding the luggage and vaulting over to the other side.

(6) HONESTY : If you manipulate words, it is a LIE; If you play on words, it is a JOKE; If you rely on words, it is IGNORANCE; If you transcend words, it is WISDOM.
(7) It might be a mistake to mix different wines, but old and new wisdom mix admirably.

(8) Jonathan Swift said, “I often wished that I had clear
For life, 600 pounds a year
A handsome house to lodge a friend
A river at my garden’s end.

(9) There is no well-defined boundary line between honesty and dishonesty.  The frontiers of one blend with the outside limits of the other, and he who attempts to tread this dangerous ground, may be sometimes in the one domain and sometimes in the other.

(10) Of the demonstrably wise, there are but two : —— Those who commit suicide, and those who keep their reasoning faculties atrophied with drink.

(11) Suffering is not wasteful, but creative.  Like gold, we cast off impurities of egoism and vanity.  We realise our basic self and a new spiritual self emerges.  Through suffering we learn; our character gets moulded.  People come closer to each other, more in times of suffering than in comfort.  Differences are forgotten and forgiven.  Therefore, suffering is referred to as THE SCHOOL OF LIFE.

(12) It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of non-violence to cover impotence.

(13) If you always understand, that the people in your life are there for a reason, you will never be angry.

(14) The author of WHY GOD WHY ? sees in the vanities of humans, the seeds of tragedy.  A person’s self-importance, name and fame, physical beauty or great intelligence cannot form the basis of lasting happiness, because THESE ARE FRAGILE.

(15) SUPPORT is the holding up from underneath.  You support someone, when you, willingly, step forward to strengthen, energize and help him through a challenging time.  Yet, the great irony is that, when you support others, you are also, in fact, supporting yourself.

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