Raise happy and healthy children

bookMacrobiotic dietician, Tarika Ahuja’s new book BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN presents simple but delicious recipes that you can fool your junk-food loving children with.  She explains why the right nutrition can change the way your child feels, looks an behaves.
Lesson —- 1 : Your child is what he/she digests 
Get_kids_to_eat_veggies-702181If a child eats lots of baked foods like cookies, bread, chips., these foods, due to their dry and hard nature, become more dry and compact during the digestive process, making it difficult  to make healthy bowel matte.  A human body is 70% water, hence you must feed your child foods cooked in water —— rice, oats, lentils, pulses, etc,.  If your child eats baked foods regularly, his/hers digestive abilities will be affected in the long run.
Lesson — 2 : Get the right food balance
When you begin adding whole grain products and vegetables to your child’s diet, he/she will automatically experience a lessened craving for market-bought fat, unhealthy proteins and simple sugars and desserts. the basic template for good, balanced nutrition for growing children should include : a) 1/3rd whole grain ; b) 1/3rd vegetables, and c) the remaining 1/3rd can be composed of fruits, small amounts of organic dairy or meat.
Lesson — 3 : Cut sugar to get children to eat their veggies
The palate of a child who eats a lot of white sugar is so sweet, that he just doesn’t sense the natural sweetness in vegetables.  Whit sugar gives immediate energy and instant gratification , and these gratifications are reflected in the later life patterns of the child, pushing him to look for immediate solutions rather than thinking in the long term.
Lesson — 4 : An alkaline diet can fight diseases
An acid-alkaline imbalance can promote many diseases.  Usually, they take many years to manifest, but children with this imbalance begin to face symptoms for diabetes and arthritis at an early age.  When the child’s diet is too acidic, it can breed yeast growth, nurture viruses, stimulate tumour growth, throw off mineral ratios and reduce helpful intestinal bacteria, leading to fatigue.  A healthy diet, proper breathing and good kidney function will ensure that this balance is maintained.
Lesson — 5 : Be creative and beat junk food cravings
Homemade, white sugar-free, preservative-free desserts such as oatmeal jiggery cookies or peanut butter chocolate cake are much better options than store-bought pastries.  Serve your child beverages like brown rice-date-banana smoothies and carrot-apple juice.  Thus you can raise HAPPY & HEALTHY CHILDREN with the RIGHT NUTRITION.
—– Shivani Kagti. 

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