Change your brain structure

Only humans can enjoy and feel satisfied by fasting or giving up food.  You can change the circuitry of the brain by constantly, repeatedly doing something like exercising.  You can also cause your genes to evolve by regular meditation.
Wiring-the-Brain-for-HappinessNeuro-psychologist Rick Hanson says, ” The brain is like VELCRO for bad experiences but TEFLON for good ones.”  Negative feelings and experiences are encoded much faster than good ones.  That is why psychology, religion and even folk wisdom encourages you to think of good, positive thoughts and happy outcomes.  Studies show that if you walk like a happy person, you become happier, by turning on your brain’s reward and pleasure spots.  While listening to your favourite music, the brain releases dopamine, the pleasure chemical as the music triggers happy memories.
You can actually grow thicker grey matter and brain tissue as you meditate regularly for 40mins daily. It is one of the few practices that engages the whole brain.  So, take planned happiness breaks, every day, and restructure the neural structure of your brain.
* Enjoy what you have.
* Abolish unrealistic expectations.
* Learn something new.
* Invest in developing a new skill.
* Know that this too ill pass, however negative it is.
* Nurture your circle of friends and family.
* Be solvent and financially responsible.
* Enjoy your achievements and be grateful for your gifts.
* Forget what is not possible.
—- Rekha Shetty

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