Did you know?

Blast from the past…


(1) In 1518, there was a mass PSYCHOGENIC ILLNESS in Strasbourg, Alsace, that caused people to dance till they collapsed. 

Monkey-Man(2) MONKEYMAN (Jyothi Raj), a 24year old, conquered JOG FALLS (850ft) on 6/4/2013.  He has climed the JOG FALLS eight times, and climbing it is almost PASSE for him. 

The earlier heights he has scaled are :

(a) THE YANA, Uttara Karnataka District. 



(d) A building in JYOTHI CIRCLE, next to DVS TOWERS in Mangalore. 

(3) On April 17, 1963, a baby was born drunk (London) and 12 hours later had a hangover.  this was reported by Doctor Basil Merriman, in a letter to the BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL.  For 2 months, before the baby was born, its mother, a YUKON, Canadian Indian, had been almost continuously drunk. 

(4) Cats have no naturally occurring antibodies against dog’s blood.  So, they can receive…

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