Forging a positive bond

37562Considering the amount of time children spend in school, FORGING A POSITIVE BOND with the people responsible for them, has attained added importance.
An increasing number of schools, today, insist on parents being hands-on and as much a part of the schooling process as teachers are.  Among the biggest benefits of a good parent-teacher bond, is that the teacher will be more comfortable telling you about the issues your child may be facing and how you, as a parent, can help.
Here are a few tips :
(1) Make an appointment and visit, don’t just show up :  Yes, teachers are more than open to meeting up with parents but remember, they have a job to do and a schedule to follow and can’t be expected to be available at your disposal.  Hence, it’s better to enquire about when the particular teacher you want to meet is free and inform him/her that you would like to visit, and remember to be punctual.

(2) Take a day out :  Once in a while, it’s a good option to dedicate a day to visiting your child’s school.  Have a chat with the principal or school administrator.  they are good sources of information on how your child is faring in school.

(3) Don’t rush to your child’s defence :  Just as you feel protective of your child, as teachers, they feel equally responsible for those under their care.  Don’t rush to conclusions or accuse the teacher if he/she tells you something negative about your child.  Give them a patient hearing and let them explain their stand.  Work with the teacher to find out the best way to help your child overcome his/her shortcomings.

(4) Be a hands-on parent :  Read the school newsletter.  It will keep you updated on all the happenings and what to watch out for.  Also, as far as possible, attend parent-teacher meetings regularly.  If you are really pressed for time and can’t attend these meetings, writing to your child’s teacher, one in a while, enquiring about his/her overall progress, is a good option.

Children should enjoy school and feel good about themselves as students and as human beings.  If they are nurtured in the right way, they will grow up to be honest and confident human beings.

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