Exotic species

The 6387297_f520biological park at Bannerghatta in India has added 4 EXOTIC SPECIES to its 87-strong repertoire through exchange.  This winter Bannerghatta Biological Park (BBP) is beckoning tourists with 4 EXOTIC SPECIES, for the first time.
Giving details of the new additions to the park, Range Gowda, executive director of BBP said, All the 4 animals have been brought from Nandankanan Biological park at Bhubaneshwar in Orissa, under the animal exchange programme of the Central Zoo Authority.resizedimage450359-jungle-cat-1
Known for its highest density of carnivores in the country, the BBP exchanged 2 lions, to get these animals from Orissa.  The BBP has received 3 FOUR-HORNED ANTELOPES, or Chausingha (one male and two females)  “Four horns is unique among extant animals.  Only male antelopes have horns, with 2 located between ears and other 2 on their forehead.
Male muntjac in Khao Yai
The JUNGLE CAT, which is native to Asia, is the largest of the living Felis species.  These cats have a small tuft on the ears and a short tail with a distinct spinal crest,” said Range Gowda.– Besides these, 4 pairs of BARKING DEER have also arrived at the biological park.  “The uniqueness of these mammals is that they emit a sound that resembles a dog’s bark whenever they encounter a predator”, explained another officer of BBP.  The last is the OPEN-BILL STORK.

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