Mindful awareness

awareness-resized-600Walking on the earth is a miracle. Each mindful step reveals the wondrous Dharmakaya.  This thought can be reinforced as we get out of bed and our feet touch the floor.  It can also be used during walking meditation or ant time we stand up or walk.  Opening the window, I look out onto the Dharmakaya.  How wondrous is life.  Attentive to each moment, my mind is clear like a calm river.
Dharmakaya literally means the “body (kaya) of the Buddha’s teachings (Dharma), the way of understanding and love.  Before passing away, the Buddha told his disciples, “Only my physical body will pas away.  My Dharma body will remain with you forever.”  In Mahayana Buddhism, the word has come to mean “the essence of all that exists.”  All phenomena —— the song of a bird, the warm rays of the sun, a cup of hot tea ——- are manifestations of the Dharmakaya. We too are of the same nature as these wonders of the universe. —– When we open the window and look out onto the Dharmakaya, we see that life is infinitely marvellous.  At that very moment, we can vow to be awake all day long, realising joy, peace, freedom and harmony throughout our lives.  Awareness is a mirror, reflecting the four elements.  Beauty is a heart that generates love and a mind that is open.  The mirror can serve as a tool for cultivating mindfulness so that we develop a broad capacity to understand and love others.  The Buddha’s smile is beautiful, because it expresses tolerance, compassion and loving kindness.
In traditional cultures, the 4 great elements were earth, water, fire and air.  The Vietnamese poet True Vu wrote :  The flower, whose fragrance is ephemeral, is made of the four elements.  Your eyes, shining with love, are also made of the four elements.  The poet is saying that the four elements are neither mind nor matter.  They are the universe itself revealed to us.  When your mind is the clear mirror of meditative awareness, you will know that you are the outward expression of the essence of reality.  Smile with your eyes, not just with your lips.  Smile with your whole being, reflecting the four elements in the mirror of MINDFUL AWARENESS.


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