Catch em young

From the chills and thrills of adventure to the magic of fantasy, from the animal kingdom to comics, the world of books will be thrown open to children.
BooksWonReadingChallengeThe British Council is coming up with a READING CHALLENGE for children between 5 and 13 yrs.The child has to read a book in a week, and fill in a review form after every read.  At the end of the challenge, a book review session will be conducted at the British Library to evaluate the forms.
The books are divided into two categories —– Younger & Older.  The former are suitable for children in the category —– 5 – 8yrs, and the Older collection is for those from 9 – 13 yrs.
The READING CHALLENGE is a popular programme for children in the UK.  Conceptualized by the Reading Agency, in collaboration with the Arts Council England and the BBC, it’s now run across the world by the British Council.
Around 7,80,000 children took part in last year’s programme, borrowing a whopping 18million books from libraries.  “The Challenge inspires children to read for fun, pleasure and personal achievement.  Whether the child is just beginning to pick up books or is an avid reader already, the READING CHALLENGE will fire p their imagination,” the organisers said.
mediumTAKE NOTE : ——
(1) Duration of membership: December 2nd, 2014 to February 28th, 2015.
(2) Registration began on November 14th.
(3) FEE : Rupees 1,200 per child.  Age Groups : 5 – 8yrs and 9 – 13 yrs.
(4) Entitlements : One book at a time.
——– TNN

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