To err is human

Alexander Pope wrote : To err is human, to forgive divine.”  Everyone makes mistakes.  This is part of human nature.  There are two kinds of mistakes.  The first one is simply a mistake, and the other kind of mistake is a MISTAKE PLUS.  A mistake fails to give you anything, but a ‘mistake plus’ seems to be a mistake I the beginning, but in the end it becomes an experience of gain.
When one makes a mistake, there are two possible kinds of responses.  The first response is to become regretful.  One who is full of regret, will become disheartened after every mistake.  He will become a victim of stress, he may lose courage and be unable to do anything else again.  This is the negative aspect of making a mistake.  But there is a positive aspect which encourages you to engage in introspection and self re-assessment.  When you do this, your mistake will turn into a MISTAKE PLUS,which, in turn, will activate your mind and that will lead to brainstorming.
A ‘mistake plus’ will emerge as a natural gift ; it will increase your creativity and produce a thinking process that may lead to the capacity for better reappraisal of yourself and an increased ability to analyse things.  A mistake becomes a ‘mistake plus’ when it awakens your mind. ——– Nature’s greatest gift to man is his mind.  German psychologist Alfred Adler observed, “One of the wonder-filled characteristics of human beings is their power to turn a ‘minus’ into a ‘plus’.”  If a person makes a mistake and saves himself from negative thinking, then a miraculous event occurs.  By the law of nature, a rethinking process is developed in him.  He analyses what happened an tries to understand where he went wrong.  He thinks how he may achieve at the second attempt what he could not at the first attempt.  A new process of positive thinking is initiated in the mind of this person, which becomes a means for his intellectual development.  This process turns his mistake into a ‘mistake plus’.  Thus, in an indirect way, the mistake will become a means to climb to new heights of success in life.
Remember, in this world the quantum of mistakes is limited, but the quantum of achievements is unlimited.  No mistake can close the door to your achievement, provided you are able to keep your thinking positive.
——– Maulana Wahidudin Khan.

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