Make a difference

Blast from the past…



Service, it has been said, is the rent we have to pay for being tenants of this body.

Every morning, as we wake up, we must ask ourselves this question: What can I do to help ?  How can I make a difference ?  There are many things we can do to make a difference : The hungry have to be fed, the naked have to be clothed, elders have to be taken care of, children have to be taught.  Many people think : I cannot do this on my own.  You are mistaken if you think like that. Our aim should be high and not low.

Many people think that one has to be a millionaire in order to serve humanity.  The word ‘philanthropist’ is derived from two Greek words : philas = loving and ahthropos = man.  So, in other words, ‘philanthropist’ = a loving man.  A philanthropist is…

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