Locals believe that a goat leaped across the river Cauvery from a rock in Sangama.  That is how MEKEDAATU ( meaning goat’s leap in Kannada) got its name.  One has to go in coracles —— light, bowl-shaped boats —– to the wonderful nature destination of MEKEDATTU.  There are two rocks where a goat is believed to have leaped.  The river Cauvery flows through the place cutting these rocks.  Some claim that the goats of older days were very powerful and were able to jump for long distances as they attempted to outrun predators.  This leap is so long, that some of the cowherds’ men in the area decided to name it MEKEDAATU.
However, some others argue that the two rocks were much closer during olden times.  It was the constant flow of the Cauvery that has cut down the rocks today and pushed them further apart.  Stories aside, this is one of the best places to visit around Bangalore.  In fact, this is the last spot you can reach by road, before it flows into the dense Eastern Ghats to reach Tamil Nadu.
Reaching this place is very interesting.  One needs to travel all the way from Bangalore to Sangama, where Cauvery meets Arkavathi.  As I is difficult to cross the Cauvery, you have to sit in coracles and make your way to the other side.  Indian coracles are considered to have been in existence since pre-historic times and are a major tourist attraction here.  In fact, for many, the goat’s leap or the flora and fauna of MEKEDAATU hold no attraction. It’s the coracle ride that they come for.  Many even bribe the boatmen 10rupees to spin the boat around for thrills.  Once, on the other side, there are private buses waiting to take you to MEKEDAATU, which is a couple of kilometres away.  There is no asphalted road to lead one there, but it only takes a few minutes to reach.

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