Super cool dos at Jeju Island

(1) The ATV : Get your Batman on and indulge in cool edgy rides while at Jeju.  Skid along as you get set to break allowed limits and be a total badass.
(2) Horse Riding : Get on those handsome horses and race with the wind.  Take in some fresh air and adventure to experience the magic of Jeju.  Giddy up !!
(3) Find Nemo : Hah, kidding.  Visit the Aqua Planet and say “Aenyonggg” to the fishies.  Take pictures of them and have a super entertaining time.
(4) Rock n’Roll : Sand castles are so last decade. Be innovative, and make cool rock structures.  get that arty genius out and pull off a Picasso.
060551_110901015106(5) Just Chill : Take some time off to, well, do nothing.  Just pick a cool spot and laze around, enjoying the surroundings.  Sometimes, all it takes is to do nothing and chillax.  Planning is so over-rated, no?
(6) Check how close you are to being Superman : Come on and box, box, and box some more as Jeju helps you find out how strong you are.
(7) Drive your own yacht : You get to feel like a total king.  Drive your own ‘luxury yacht’ and soak in all the glory.  That is cooool.
(8) Gorge On : No matter how much you love travelling, some corner of your heart always wants Ghar ka khana.  So, dig into some delicious Indian food while in Jeju.  Our personal favourite — The Baghdad Café.
(9) Finally jump around a little and see the scenic backdrops which you will find in bulk.  You know that a perfect picture is always the cherry on the cake, after a mind-blowing trip.
—— NDTV Goodtimes  

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