A pinch of faith

We secretly believe and hope to sail through life achieving all that we ever wished for, but troubled waters somewhere hit the life shores and knock us over. While battling internally through dark ties, is there a way to deal with these moments of helplessness and weakness ?  Learned people and wise words can show a way, but we need to find our own path and must reach out for our own truth.
There is one thing that helps us all through by following us in our journey of finding our truth, and that is our own little PINCH OF FAITH.  A deep down feeling of “knowing” that it will all pass and you will get through.
Faith helps defy fear, because fear is a paralysis that shuts down our sense of reasoning and therefore our sense of taking a rational action.
Faith gives us courage.  All the unfathomable things achieved by great men started with courage.
Faith gives us hope.  Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison in a hope that he would be free one day and change things forever.
Faith is light that doesn’t let any cobweb or doubt enter our hearts while we are struggling to stay afloat in tough times.  **Faith helps us see the temporary nature of everything in life.
Do what you must in your reach to set things right, do it with the determination of steel that sees you through till the end, do it by taking full ownership of consequences, do it with all your might and will and lastly, do it with that PINCH OF FAITH.
—- Anadita Singh

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