For peace and harmony

Choosing colours according to your zodiac sign helps create PEACE & HARMONY at home.  An ancient esoteric belief is gaining favour with many, that the colours at home influence or alter moods and feelings of the inmates.
ARIES : Red, scarlet and carmine are usually colours associated with this sign.  However, your self esteem and sense of independence tend to disable you from comprehending another’s point of view, so avoid these colours.  Use the harmonising and healing hues of GREEN in lanterns, torans, rangolis, candles, table display to decorate your room.  Also, bringing in live greens as embellishments will surely dress up your home with positive vibrations.
TAURUS : Being an earthy sign, shades of green, orange and yellow at home empower your personality traits.  To help strengthen love and social harmony at home, you need to control your streak of rigidity and stubbornness.  Surround yourself with vibrations of RED-VIOLET and VIOLET by placing accents in these colours in your home.
GEMINI : Bedspreads, cushion covers, drapes, candles, artifacts in shades of blue will emanate calm and cool vibrations in your rooms promoting feelings of peace in you.  Since any display of passionate emotions makes you uneasy, you would do well to align with HUES OF BLUE.
CANCER : You need a lot of inner quiet too.  Even as you use the colours of your sign, such as white, opal, iridescent silvery hues, smoky grey and blue, opt for INDIGO.  Use this colour liberally in your torans, rangolis, candles, curtains, carpets, table cloths and what have you.  Indigo radiates just the kind of energy that will balance your over-sensitive nature.
LEO : While gold, orange and red colours in your house will surely be compatible with your innate virtues of loyalty, generosity, creativity and royalty, the energies emanating from ULTRAMARINE BLUE and INDIGO will surely add that extra sparkle and light at home.  Use liberal doses of these colours to empower the vibrations of social harmony and joy while dressing up your home.
VIRGO : Your sign, by default, makes you, at times, sceptical, fussy, and overly critical in pursuit of perfection.  Surround yourself with the vibrations of AQUA BLUE.  The colour will aid in calming both, the positive and negative electro-magnetic links around your body at home.  Bring the colour into your home by ornamenting with appropriately-shaded accessories.
LIBRA : Colours that promote love and social harmony for you are RED, SCARLET & CARMINE.  Dress up your house with candles, flowers, frames, torans, etc in these hues and your aura will be in harmony.
SCORPIO : If the predominant colours in your house are those of your sun-sign maroon, crimson, dark red or violet, then it is believed, the weaker traits of your personality tend to get empowered.  Choose shades of GREEN to ornament your abode.  The hue is said to heighten the virtues of your personality such as loyalty, depth and determination, and temper the weaknesses.
SAGITTARIUS : Incorporate the auspicious colour of TURMERIC YELLOW in your décor.  The vibes you will receive from this colour will help you to have a more balanced perspective towards whatever unfolds.  A spattering of ORANGE will further enliven the spirit and mood of your living space enabling you to bond well with those in it.
CAPRICORN : One of your characteristics best avoided is undue conservatism.  Bring out the silverware or anything else that will help deck up your house in silvery hues.  Envelope yourself in the vibrations of SILVER.  It will help you be more tolerant towards others and accommodating to changes, new trends, attitudes and outlook of family and friends.
AQUARIUS : One of your weaknesses is that you can be very cold.  Hence, ensure your house is adorned with embellishments in GOLD and ORANGE colours.  The energies of these hues are believed to invoke traits in you that promote love and social harmony.
PISCES : Decorate your house in the traditional auspicious colours of YELLOW, ORANGE-YELLOW and other EARTHY TONES.  The vibrations of these shades will enable you to be structured and grounded, by tempering your flip side impractical, laid-back or complicated.  Bed sheets, cushion covers, curtains, table cloths, candles, flowers, rangolis, radiating the energy of these colours will help harmonise your relationships with those at home.
——- Shahin Ashraf Ali.

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