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nendo-bottles(1) WHERE do glass bottles depict rain ? ——-  Japanese design studio, NENDO, has used art to capture the several ways of describing rain in the Japanese language.  The variations depend on the condition and time of the rain.  They have used clear glass bottles to showcase it, usually an item, along with raindrops.  A droplet at the end of a branch represents the ‘kismet’ type of rain, and the thick vertical strands of rain symbolise a ‘torrential downpour’, referred to as ‘niwaka-ame’.  The designers have exhibited the bottles at the Maison & Objet trade fair in Paris this year.  From ‘drizzle’ to ‘downpour’, everything has been depicted.  It’s a wonderful way to reflect on the fine nuances and sensibilities of Japanese as a language, reports Design Taxi.
(2) WHY was a documentary made on bunnies ? —— Two photographers have captured the imprints of WW-11 at Kunoshima.  The photographers…

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