Pour in the pumpkin

Drinking rules for the Holiday Season, actually mentions at No. 371 : “A man’s drink shall not involve pumpkin.”  This is one Commandment that could do with some flouting.
Pumpkin is, perhaps, not on top of your list when it comes to flavoured cocktail ingredients, but on Thanksgiving (or the day after) it is in keeping with tradition to swill a pumpkin pie drink or two.  Pumpkin pie cocktails are easy enough to make —- easier by far than baking the pie.
Most cocktails call for pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spice (mix  1/2tsp cinnamon powder with 1/4tsp ginger powder and 1/8tsp of clove and nutmeg powder each, to create 1tsp of the mix.)  You can also have pumpkin pie flavoured spirits, including vodka and Kahlua that you can probably stock up on to make your post-Thanksgiving drink truly delicious.
Pumpkin Spice White Russian 3
Ingredients — 45ml pumpkin pie flavoured vodka ; 30ml Kahlua ; a pinch of pumpkin pie spice ; 90ml milk.
Method : Pour the vodka, Kahlua and pumpkin pie spice into a shaker and mix.  Next, add milk to the shaker and mix again.  Pour into a glass with ice.
Ingredients — 1cup apple cider ; 1/2cup pumpkin puree ; a pinch of pumpkin pie spice ; 1/8cup dark rum.  Method : Mix the cider, pumpkin puree and spice in a pan, on high heat.  Boil, then simmer for 5minutes.  Strain into a glass.  Add the rum to the glass, mix and serve.
Ingredients —- 30ml vodka ; 20ml dark rum ; 1tbsp pumpkin puree ; 1tbsp heavy cream ; 1/2tbsp sugar ; pinch of pumpkin pie spice ; ice.  Method : Pour all the ingredients into a shaker with some ice.  Shake and pour into a Martini glass. (Optional : Rim the glass with a crushed Graham cracker).

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