WHERE was a car turned into a sheepdog ? —– As a tribute to his old sheepdog, Floss, who passed away, Dave Isaac, a farmer in Sussex, spent 2000 pounds to convert his Peugeot estate car into a sheepdog.  He covered his family car in fur to resemble his pet.  With a top speed of 40mph, Dave took Floss, his new sheepdog car, out into the fields of his 180acre farm in East Sussex.  Dave and his friend built Floss in the former’s barn.  As the car require a timber frame built around the chassis to attach the fur, it took too much space in the barn.  He also faced difficulty in taking the vehicle along the narrow farm tracks and through the gates to his fields as the vehicle was not licensed for use on the public road.
WHY did this mother create art on  her kids lunch bags ? —– Packing an interesting lunch for your kids everyday can seem like a Herculean task.  But Christy Kilgore, a graphic designer and mother of two, found a novel way to get her kids excited about their lunch.  She creates artworks on their lunch bags.  Featuring pop culture and popular movie characters like Harry Potter, Corpse Bride and Grumpy Cat, she uses sharpies, Crayola markers and Prismacolour coloured pencils to draw these characters on the lunch bags.  According to Design Taxi, it takes her about an hour to create each drawing. She started creating the artwork a year ago as she thought this was a nice way to stay connected to her children during her absence.  Though she knew these lunch bags were likely to end up in the trash can.  Christy’s kids more often than not ended up saving them.
WHEN were birds made from Lego ? —– Tom Poulsom, a gardener and tree surgeon from , turned his passion for birding into these amazing Lego brick bird replicas.  Ten thousand Lego fans on Lego Ideas supported him in mass-producing three of his brick birds.  According to Bored Panda, the first kit is to hit stores in January,  Poulsom, who has been a fan of Lego and a huge admirer of the natural world, said, “Being a gardener and a lover of nature, I wanted to build something related to my job.  One day, during a break from digging in a customer’s garden, a robin redbreast landed on my fork handle.  This was the Eureka moment behind what is now the LEGO BIRD PROJECT.
WHO built a Scrabble-stone ? ——- Friends and family of Paul G. Lind, who was a Scrabble lover, erected a custom-made tombstone that shows in Scrabble form what they remembered most about him.  Paul now rests beneath his most favourite Scrabble board at Lone Fir Cemetery in South Eastern Portland.  The tombstone has become an important part of the neighbourhood so much that when vandals ruined it local Scrabble players held a tournament to raise money for its restoration, reports Neotorama.
WHAT helps this bottle replenish itself ? —- Industrial design student Kristof Retezar has designed a self-filling water bottle prototype that turns air into water while a bicycle is in motion, re[orts Design Taxi.  This youngster used the principle of thermoelectric cooling —— where humid air is passed through solar cells that will condense moisture from the air into water droplets.  The product is able to collect up to 0.5litres of water within an hour in countries that have the right climate.  He named this self-filling water bottle ‘FONTUS’ and hopes to refine the device with a purification system so that it can be used in cities with pollution.          .

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