John Ruskin

Blast from the past…


JOHN RUSKIN (8/02/1819-20/01/1900) was the leading English art critic of the Victorian Era, also an art patron, draughtsman, water colourist, a prominent social thinker and philanthropist.  He wrote on subjects, ranging from geology to architecture, myth to ornithology, literature to education, botany to political economy.  His writing styles and literature forms, were equally varied.  Ruskin penned essays and treatises, poetry and lecture, travel guides and manuals, and, even, a fairy tale.
The elaborate style, that characterised his earliest writing on art, was later superseded by a preference for plainer language, designed to communicate his ideas –more effectively.  In all of his writing, he emphasised the connection between nature, art and society.  He was hugely influential, in the latter half of the 19th Century, and up to the first World War.  Today, his ideas and concerns are widely recognised as having anticipated interest in environmental sustainability and craft.
He argued that…

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