Winter workout

Woollen clothes may seem a misfit for a workout session, but sports apparel made of Merino wool promises comfort.  The apparel can absorb up to 35% of its dry weight in moisture vapour, and is reactive to temperature, making it ideal to wear at a gym.
3916Here are a few interesting facts about Merino wool that can change the mind-set of gym goers about wearing wool while sweating it out :  (1) DOESN”T STINK : Merino wool can absorb moisture in vapour form up to 35% of its dry weight and during strenuous exercise, a Merino garment, close to the skin, actively transfers moisture vapour molecules away from the body and makes the wearer less clammy.  (2) LASTS A LONG TIME : When buying wool clothes, you are making a sound investment.  Wool fabrics are durable if maintained well.  (3) INSULATES :  Wool is an insulating material, which makes it great for winter.  At the same time, like high-tech performance wear, wool is also breathable.  It keeps you cool and allows air circulation.  (4) WICKS MOISTURE : Like your favourite performance workout clothes, wool wicks away moisture keeping you dry while you exercise.  You can go running in  a total downpour, sloshing through puddles for miles.  (5) EASY TO CARE : You are not required to do anything special when laundering the wool workout clothes.
—— Agencies.

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