Happiness quotient

Happiness is an eternal, innate quality of the soul.  When we are focussed on the externals —— our body, roles, relations, responsibilities and possessions, we lose our connection with the inner resource.
When our focus is external, we tend to blame other people and situations for our unhappiness.  We forget that to be happy or not, IS OUR CHOICE.  People or situations can’t alter the state of your mind, UNLESS YOU ALLOW THEM TO.  Come what may, nobody and nothing can make you unhappy, if you are determined to stay happy.  If things don’t go your way, how can getting angry or disappointed help you ?  It only takes away your happiness and reduces your ability to deal with the situation.
If you have a loving relationship with God, and trust that He is there to help you, you can entrust Him with all your worries and see how He makes things work out well.  Let your intellect be guided by God’s wisdom, and that will enable you to stay happy and carefree, like a child who has an adult to take care of all his worries.  When we have faith in the intrinsic goodness of every human soul, we accept all kinds of situations and appreciate all kinds of people.  It saves us from being judgmental.
Many people go to great lengths in their quest for happiness.  They believe health and wealth are the keys to happiness.  In fact, it is the other way round —— if you are happy, you will be healthy —- “SMILE and you will GAIN FRIENDS ; FROWN and you will GET WRINKLES.”
When we are happy, the body’s nervous and endocrine systems work optimally, ensuring secretion of healthy hormones and smooth running of bio-chemical processes.  A happy system of mind will, also, attract good fortune.  You will be content, no matter what your circumstances, and contentment is a magnet for new opportunities.  The biggest secret to happiness is to have good feelings for, both, friends and foes.  Thus, we will be in a state of constant happiness.  In order to increase your HAPPINESS QUOTIENT ————- SHARE IT WITH OTHERS.
—— Brahma Kumari Brijmohan.     

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