Black superfoods

Apart from caviar, blackberries and black truffle, black isn’t a colour most diners associate with delicious, lip-smacking food.  The black colour, on the food plate gives the impression that the food is not edible, burned or poisonous.
Recently, Japan took food modification to another level by introducing fast-food delicacies like the lack hamburger and black hotdog, which were instant hits.  Now, fine dining restaurants, in India, have started serving customers gourmet preparations made from black pasta, black rice, black quinoa on popular demand.  Apart from these one can use black lentils, black soybeans, black mushrooms and black garlic in home recipes.
Celebrity chef — Shipra Khanna, says, “People have become health-conscious, due to which they are using black food ingredients, which are nutrition powerhouses.”  Doctor Amrapali Patil, believes that black foods are an economical option to amp up your antioxidant and nutrient consumption.  According to research, just a spoonful of black rice bran has more anthocyanins than a spoonful of blueberries.
Black Superfoods You Can Eat 
magical-black-superfoods(1) BLACK GARLIC, which contains twice the amount of antioxidants than white garlic.  (2) BLACK RICE, as it contains higher amounts of vitamin E, which bolster the immune system.  (3) BLACK SOYBEANS : Eating this can help reduce the risk of thrombosis —– a type of blood-clot that’s potentially fatal —– even more than yellow or green soybeans.  (4) BLACK LENTILS : They are loaded with iron, and also have high levels of soluble fibre, which lower cholesterol and also improve immune functions.  (5) BLACK MUSHROOMS : These flavourful mushrooms may lower the risk of breast cancer among women after menopause.  (6) BLACKBERRIES : Polyphenols found in dark berries help reduce cognitive decline in old age by cleaning up cells that impair brain function.  They are also rich in fibre.
Did you know that in Ancient China, black rice also known as ‘forbidden rice’ was especially set aside for the Emperor and members of the Royal Family ; regular people were not allowed to consume it.  Because of its numerous health benefits, the royal family reserved this nutty rice for their own consumption, as they believed it would extend their lives.

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