Words ending in NYM

Words ending in NYM are, often, used to describe different classes of words  and the relationships between words.  NYM literally means ‘name’ from the Greek ONOMA meaning ‘name’ or ‘word’.  The NYM dictionary below defines some common NYM words, and some of the unusual ones too.
(1) ACRONYM : An abbreviation formed from the initial letters of series of words : NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) ; NASA (National Aeronautics And Space Administration).
(2) ANTONYM : From German — anti (against).  Either of a pair of words that have opposite meanings —- slow – fast ; dead – alive.
(3) APTRONYM : A person’s name that matches its owner’s occupation or character very well —– Will Snow (Arctic Explorer) ; Dan Druff (hair-dresser)
(4) Auto-ANTONYM : A word that can take 2 opposite meanings —— FAST means “moving quickly” or “fixed firmly in place” ; OVERLOOK me”to watch over carefully”  or “to fail to notice”.
(5)  AUTONYM : A word that describes itself ——- a NOUN is a noun ; a WORD is a word.
(6) BACKRONYM : The reverse of producing an acronym ; taking a word which already exists and creating a phrase using the letters of the word as initials  ——- Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anybody (BANANA) ; Guaranteed Overnight Delivery (GOD).
(7) CAPITONYM : A word which changes its meaning and pronunciation when capitalised ——- polish and Polish ; august and August.
(8) EPONYM : A name from which another name or word is delivered —-ROMULUS giving rise to ROME ; the word SANDWICH coming from the EARL of SANDWICH.
exonym1(9) EXONYM : A place name used by foreigners, that differs from the name used by natives —– LONDRES is the French EXONYM for LONDON ; GERMANY is an OXYNYM, because Germans call it DEUTSCHLAND.
(10) HETERONYM : One of 2 words that have the same spelling but different meaning, and, sometimes, different pronunciation too —— sewer, row, wind.
(11) HOMONYM : One of 2 words that have the same pronunciation or spelling, but are different in meaning —— WRITE and RIGHT ; WAY or WEIGH.
(12) HYPERNYM : A word that has a more general meaning than another —– in the relationship between CHAIR and FURNITURE  ——- FURNITURE is a HYPERNYM ; in the relationship between HORSE and ANIMAL —— ANIMAL is a HYPERNYM.
(13) ORONYM : A string of words which is HOMOPHONIC with another string of words —– ICE CREAM and I SCREAM ; MINT SPY and MINCE PIES.
(14) TAUTONYM : A word composed of two identical parts —-  PAW-PAW, YO-YO, BYE-BYE

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