Avoid post-workout overeating

Nothing’s more annoying than burning calories only to ruin all the hard work by overeating in the next hour.  Here are some simple and effective ways to avoid sating that inane hunger after a workout.
(1) ENJOY YOUR EXERCISE ROUTINE : A recent study conducted by Cornell University revealed that people who enjoy their workout, eat less afterwards.  Try to make your fitness session fun.  If you’re bored with your workout, switch to a new form of exercise to retain your interest in it.
(2) GRAB A WORKOUT SNACK : Eat a healthy, light-weight snack before workout.  This will not only satiate your hunger but also energise your body.  And you won’t crave for food.
(3) GET RID OF THE HABIT : Hunger often becomes more of a habit than a necessity.  You may have noticed that you’re really not that hungry, but you crave for food because your mind knows you have shed some sweat.  Consciously work on breaking the habit of eating post a workout.
178827285-620x400.jpg.pagespeed.ce.uGuCd91dDS(4) HAVE FOODS HIGH IN CARBS & PROTIENS : Opt for snacks that are high in carbohydrates and proteins.  The classic peanut butter and jam sandwich is an ideal.  You’ll not only supress your hunger but your body will also heal faster.
(5) DRINK WATER DURING & AFTER WORKING OUT : Water tends to make you feel full.  Moreover, you need to regain all the fluids you’ve lost through sweat.  Before grabbing your post workout snack, drink a glass of water and wait for at least 15-20mins.  You’ll notice your hunger dying down.
(6) GO FOR MILK : Instead of having a snack, opt for a glass of low-fat milk —– plain or chocolate.  It’s full of proteins and will help you feel fuller ; it will also help manage post-workout cravings.
(7) A SPORTS DRINK IS A MUST : Replenish while you are exercising by sipping a sports drink.  A single bottle of energising drink lasts throughout an average workout.  These drinks contain carbs, which digest quickly, making you feeling fuller.
(8) SCHEDULE YOUR WORKOUT CLOSE TO MEAL TIME : Often, after a workout, you feel like gobbling down an entire fast food menu.  However, you can avoid this by planning your workout right before your regular meal time.  You can rest for 15-20mins after your workout and directly proceed to having your meal.  This will stop you from taking in those additional calories in the form of special post-workout snacks.
——— shikha.shah@timesgroup. com.

2 thoughts on “Avoid post-workout overeating

  1. Actually, if you’re going to snack the best time is immediately after your work out. The tips aren’t bad, but I think the title of this post is misleading in terms of accuracy.

  2. Dear Caronbot, thank you for reading through…I must confess that I am not an authority on fitness, and hence your perspective must surely hold water. The article merely tries to list ways in which to avoid ‘over’ eating, and negating the good effects of the workout. Again, thank you for your feedback and look forward to more in future!

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