This & That

(1) Joshua, 2006 American MEMORY CHAMPION said, “One trick, known as the “journey method” or “memory palace”, is to conjure up a familiar space in the mind’s eye, and then populate it with images of whatever it is YOU WANT TO REMEMBER.” –

(2) ISKCON :  The fundamental principle is : Yat Karoshi. Yad Asnasi Yaj Juhoshi Dadasi Yat , meaning,” Whatever I do, whatever I eat, should be an offering to the Lord.”

(3) A single tree, cultivated by Professor Sam Van Aken, from Syracuse University, grows 40 types of fruit, including cherries, plums, peaches, nectarines and apricots.
(4) What connects —– lightning rods, bi-focal glasses and the glass harmonica ?  Benjamin Franklin is credited with inventing all three.

(5) GOOD things come to those WHO BELIEVE ; BETTER things come to those WHO ARE PATIENT; the BEST things come to those WHO DON’T GIVE UP.

(6) YOU ARE ALIVE, if the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy ; if a blade of grass, springing up in the fields has power to move you ; if the simple things of nature have a message that you understand.  Rejoice, for YOUR SOUL IS ALIVE.  ————-

(7) A sign on a lawn of a rehab centre said : Keep off the GRASS.

(8) In which country is Thanksgiving, ironically, not celebrated ?  TURKEY.

(9) The PHILOSOPHY of the MIND is GOOD ; the POETRY of the HEART is BETTER ; the SONG of the SOUL is BY FAR THE BEST.

10) What do you call a country, where all the cars in it are pink ?  A Pink CARnation.

(11) My freedom only exists, in so far as it does not infringe upon your freedom.

(13) The soldier who survived mustard gas and pepper spray is now a SEASONED Veteran.

(14) If you live in an igloo, what’s the worst thing about Global Warming ?  NO PRIVACY.

(15) There’s an adorable video of 3 grand-moms — TRYING WEED, and an adorable video of 3 grand children tearing the room apart, crying, ” WHERE THE XXXXXXX IS OUR WEED ?”

(16) In life you meet two kinds of people —— (a)) those who build you up and (b) those who tear you down.  In the end, you will thank them both. 2000px-Seven_Islands_of_Bombay_en.svg

(17) Kim Peek, who passed away in 2009, could memorise an entire book in an hour.  He read two pages at a time, scanning one with each eye.
(18) Why did the insomniac run around his bed all night ?  He was TRYING TO CATCH SOME SLEEP.

(19) Bombay (now Mumbai) , originally , was an archipelago of 7 islands —– Colaba, Little Colaba or Old Woman’s Island, Isle of Bombay, Mazgaon, Mahim, Worli and Parel.

(20) Da Tweenie Code ——– WUD (wot u doin ?) ; TP or NM ( Time pass or Nothing much) ; TTYL ( Talk to you later) ; IKR (I know, right) ; IDK (I don’t know) ; PDQ (Pretty damn quick)  ; IDC (I don’t care) ; DKDC (don’t know, don’t care)

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