Feeling Christmassy

Here are two recipes that the children would love this season : —
Back Camera
Ingredients : 100gm chocolate brownie ; 100ml melted chocolate ; 50gm mixed nuts ; 15gm whipped cream ; 5 plastic sticks. –FOR HORNS : 50gm flour ; 1egg.
Method : In a bowl, break the brownie into small pieces, add nuts, add melted chocolate and knead it to a tight dough  Divide into small portion, and shape into small balls, pierce them with the plastic stick and dip the pop into warm tempered chocolate.  Keep aside to set, decorate with horn and make eyes using whipped cream and chocolate drop.
For Horns : Beat egg and flour together into a smooth paste.  Using butter paper, make a cone and put the mixture in it.  Pipe the mixture into the shape of a horn and bake it for 10 – 15mins.
Ingredients : 500 gm leftover cake crumbs ; 500gm white chocolate ; 1/2tsp green colour (food grade) ; 50gm assorted edible sprinkles ; 10-12 plastic sticks.
Equipment : 1 large mixing bowl ; 1 large metal spoon ; wax paper ; plastic wrap ; deep, microwave-safe plastic bowl.
Method: In a bowl, knead the leftover cake, if dry add sugar syrup or chocolate sauce.  make about 12balls, 50gm each.  Melt chocolate in a double boiler or in micro oven, add the colour, mix well and keep aside.  Take the cake balls, pierce the plastic in the middle, and start shaping like a cone, keep pressing and shape ach like Christmas trees.  Dip the cake tree in the chocolate.  Take a toothpick and make scratch marks, before the chocolate sets sprinkle with the decorations.

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