A tonic for your health

gin-and-tonicThe GIN & TONIC is known as a quintessential English drink, but few know about its history, so deeply entwined with the Brits themselves.
According to the stories about the origins of this drink, the gin and tonic actually began as a health measure among the officers of the British Empire, who were serving in India at the time and were under the very real threat of malaria. The curative properties of quinine had been discovered, and by the 1840s, many of the officers (as well as British citizens) in India would be taking regular doses of it.  However, the powder was so bitter that the officers began the practice of mixing the quinine with soda and sugar ——– thus giving rise to “tonic water.”
By the late 1800s, this tonic water was being commercially bottled and sold ———– with brands like SCHWEPPES coming into the fray.  when an enterprising English soldier his dose of “quinine tonic” with a “dash of gin” ———-VOILA ———– the GIN & TONIC was born.

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