Who let the thieves in?

Blast from the past…


There is a story of a rich landlord.  One day, a group of thieves wanted to rent a room.  He did not know that they were thieves, so he took them in as tenants.  They lived there for a month, and when the next month’s rent was due, they said that due to some financial setbacks, they would delay the payment.  This went on for several months, until the landlord discovered that they were a gang of thieves.  so, he sought his Master’s advice.  The master said, “Go to the police department, and see if anyone there is in need of a good apartment and if need be, lower the rent to make it attractive.  When the thieves meet him and learn that he is a police officer, they will move out on their own”.  The man did as the Master advised him to do, and sure enough, the thieves…

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