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The term PEACE originates most from the Anglo-French PES, and the Old French PAIS, meaning ‘peace, reconciliation, silence, agreement ‘.  comes from the Latin PAX.

PEACE is an quiet, inner feeling and strength; yet subdued and accepting.  It is like submerging yourself into a placid lake.  PEACE is a placid contented smile. It is mature and more mindful.  it can only be achieved when you look inwards.  You cannot achieve PEACE without understanding your own self.  PEACE is the occurrence of lack of violence and the freedom from fear of violence.  It is also the absence of hostility and retribution, a sincere attempt at reconciliation, the existence of healthy interpersonal or international relationships.

Noted down here are some PEACE QUOTES : ——

(1) Do not overrate what you have received, nor envy others.  He who envies others, does not obtain PEACE of mind. —–Buddha.

(2) Completely PEACE equally reigns between…

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