This & That

(1) We call our children KIDS, and then stand amazed when they KICK, ACT STUBBORN & HEAD-BUTT.
(2) Yoga is a systematic process of spiritual unfolding.
(3) Life is about BREATHTAKING MOMENTS.  Life is not about how many breaths we take, but about HOW THEY TAKE OUR BREATH AWAY.

(4) Osho’s technique to give a jolt to the over-drive of the mind.  This is really a beautiful meditation, which can be tried many times in 24hrs.  Just 1/2 a second will do.  For 1/2 a second ——-  SIMPLY STOP ——- and let the world continue.  When you become more and more alert to the fact that WITHOUT YOU THE WORLD CONTINUES PERFECTLY WELL, you will be at peace.
(5) A dream that you dream alone, is ONLY A DREAM.  A dream that you dream together is REALITY —– Yoko Ono.

(6) A patient does not care how much you know, until he knows how much you care. —- John C. Maxwell.

(7) Why is Russia a “fast country” ?  Because the people are always Russian.

(8) Rumi said that whatever happens to us will scar us forever ——– job loss (ruined career), broken relationship (loveless life).  So, in adverse circumstances, we should look into our inner selves, build a relationship with our suffering and we will thus be empowered to work efficiently through it.  The WOUND is the place where the LIGHT ENTERS YOU.
(9) I never desire to converse with a man who has written more than he has read. —— Samuel Johnson.

(10) Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed UNTIL IT IS FACED.

(11) In order to be a good friend, LISTEN & GIVE ADVICE, but I is when you take their troubles on ——– you’ll drive yourself nuts.

(12)  What do chicken families do on Saturday afternoon ?  THEY GO ON PECK-NICS !!.
(13) Don’t wait for the perfect moment ——– TAKE THE MOMENT & MAKE IT PERFECT.

(14) What goes “Ha, ha, ha—- plop ?  Someone LAUGHING THEIR HEAD OFF.

(15) The ZODIAC was, originally, a natural agricultural calendar, that dated the sowing of crops, harvesting, etc., by the rising and setting of the stars (especially SIRIUS) and the PLEIADES or other recognisable constellations.

(16) A person’s social rank and profession, in the Middle Ages, was represented by the colour of their clothing.  The NOBILITY wore RED, PEASANTS wore BROWN & GRAY and MERCHANTS, BANKERS & GENTRY wore GREEN.
(17) What is the shark’s favourite game ?  SWALLOW THE LEADER.

(18) What did the cat say when he lost all his money ?  I’M PAW.

(19) The sweetest songs are those that speak of saddest thought.
(20) For all our worried weaknesses
All will be revealed
And for all your troubled weaknesses
Your trouble will be healed
I see you in your attitude of sorrow and demand
Close your eyes, close your eyes
Oh, let me take you back to Wonderland. —- Paul Young.

(21) Every cripple has his own way of walking.

(20) DON’T start the day with doubts and fears
For where they live faith disappears
Love won’t grow in a gloomy heart
Where sorrows live and teardrops start.
DON’T give up before you’ve begun
You still have time to get things done.
DON’T be a quitter, you’re not alone
We all must crawl before we’ve grown
There are no rainbows without rain,
there are no victories without pain.
—– Clay Harrison.

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