True gurus and fake babas

How do we differentiate between a fly-by-night Baba and a truly evolved Guru ?  There are those who, after years of rigorous tapa and sadhana, despite having achieved all that the had in material life, take to a higher search and have interactions and exchanges with the world of energy.  Such a one may not sport a beard and may live in T-shirts and track pants —– he may not even call himself a saint or baba.  The question then arises : Who is a guru ?
Here are some of the traits of a Guru as mentioned in the Vedas.  The same may be applied universally by anyone who is looking to find a spiritual guide.  The Vedas say that a Guru exudes radiance.  He has to channelize energy, and for that purpose, his body is strong and free of disease.  Whatever he says or thinks manifests, is chants have the effect of completely changing the environment of a place and phenomenal energy is transferred by his touch.
A true Guru is in a state of vairagya o detachment from the pleasures of the physical world.  He may choose to lead a life of luxury, as everything is at his beck and call, but he is not attached to it.  He has complete control over the five senses.  When you are in his company, you experience the same sense of detachment within you, your thoughts and desires begin to manifest, your complete form changes, your involvement in charitable activities increase manifold. Experiences of the world of energy and subtler dimensions follow.
The Vedas clearly state that a Guru is SATYA    — speaks the truth ; ASTEYA — does not steal from you or country ; APARIGRAHA — does not amass assets or political power ; AHIMSA — non-violent and BRAHMACHARYA — is celibate.  Such a Guru does not charge you a fee or ask for physical favours in exchange for yoga, because he knows that tying of yogic sciences to maya renders them ineffective.  A Guru may earn his living, but does not sell knowledge of yoga.
The purpose of a Guru is not to cure your illnesses or rid you of your physical problems, but to show you what lies beyond, from where all that you see around is controlled, and put you on the path of achieving that.  This Guru does not organise rave parties where drugs are served and does not organise social gatherings where intoxicated people dance to music.  So, do not go looking for a Baba, but go look for a Guru.  A Baba will tie you in knots ; a Guru will release you from them.
——————– Yogi Ashwini.

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