Your eureka moment

eureka_1_All big things start small.  Inspiration need not hit you on the head, it waits for you in everyday, mundane matters.  All of us have our moments.  But not everyone is observant or reflective enough to convert these into EUREKA MOMENTS, as Archimedes did, when he jumped out of his bath tub naked to propound the Theory of Displacement.  Nor does everyone, who gets knocked on the head with an apple, end up understanding the Law of Gravity.  Everyday mundane matters, which seem inconsequential, upon reflection, form a meaningful picture.
An observant eye and a mind that is constantly alert and ticking ——- questioning, reflecting, discussing and understanding is critical.  All of us find our personal triggers in innocuous everyday moments, which may have a deep emotional impact on  us.  We wish to repeat happy moments and avoid sad, humiliating ones, and the desire to do so can be a powerful trigger.  Happiness, experienced by a small generous act, can motivate one towards consistent philanthropy.  When a lady , in Boston, began leaving blankets anonymously on benches on cold nights for homeless people, it triggered a movement of random acts of kindness and generosity.
aha eureka light bulbMahatma Gandhi’s campaign, against injustice, and the momentous role he played in the history of India, was triggered by a small incident,, when he was thrown off a train in South Africa.  Humiliated and smarting from the injustice and racial slur, Gandhi decide to fight injustice, later hailing this incident as his “moment of truth.” —- The trigger that led Kalidasa to becoming the greatest Sanskrit poet and dramatist was the scorn of his wife, Princess Vidyottama.  When in 1871, noted Indian industrialist Jamsetji Tata was denied entry into the all-whites Watson Hotel, he built the Taj Mahal Hotel down the same road.
The ability to take on negativity and turn it into a positive learning, to e able to look at little positives and use them to spur you to greater goodness and to observe everyday phenomena and find deeper and scientific or spiritual meanings in them ——- THIS IS THE STUFF GREATNESS IS MADE OF.
What are your everyday triggers ?  Are you noticing and reflecting upon how to turn these into your EUREKA MOMENTS, or just sailing along, oblivious ?

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