Blast from the past…


mindfulness-580In a state of MINDLESSNESS, our mind is not free to think, focus and act.  Each one of us, at some point in life, wishes to change ourselves or others.  However, we often remain stuck due to the all-pervasive impact of mindlessness that we are unaware of.
The first component of mindlessness is the DESIRE TO CONTROL.  Everyone carries a fantasy of how they and the rest of the world should be.  So we are constantly putting intense pressure on ourselves and others to match up to this image.  Mind power can be utilised only when we give up the wish to control, and instead, work to build understanding.
Another element of mindlessness is our OBSESSION WITH THE PAST & FUTURE.  There are people who relive memories of a happy past or mourn negative experiences.  Some are petrified by possibilities of an uncertain future.  On the whole, people spend a…

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