5000 year old underground city

A 5000 year old underground city, thought to be the largest in the world has been discovered in Central Turkey.
The subterranean settlement was discovered in the Nevsehir province of Turkey’s Central Anatolia region, in the historical area of Cappadocia, which is famous, in archaeological circle for its large number of underground settlements.
CappadociaBut the site, located around the Nevsehir hill fort, near the city of Kayseri, appears to dwarf all other finds to date.  Hasan Unver, the mayor of the city on whose outskirts the discovery was found, said that other underground cities were nothing more than a “kitchen” compared to the newly uncovered settlement.
5000-year-old-city-found-in-Cappadoccia-Turkey-660x431Mehmet Ergun Turan, head of Turkey’s housing development administration, said the discovery was made during groundwork for a housing project.  “It is not a known underground city.  Tunnel passages of seven kilometres are being discussed.  We stopped the construction we were planning, when an underground city was discovered,” Turan told a Turkish publication.
The agency has already spent 25 million pounds on the housing project, but the organisation’s head said he did not see the money spent as a loss due to the magnitude of the historical discovery.
The upper reaches of the city were first spotted last year, but it was not until now that the size of the discovery became apparent.  Nevsehir’s most renowned underground settlement is Derinkuyu, a multi-level city, large enough to house thousands and their livestock.

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