New Year resolutions

All of us have done it ——– MAKE NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS.  All of have also done this ——— BREAK RESOLUTIONS.
Year after year we make up our minds to achieve something. and more often than not, we give up halfway.  According to mental health expert Jenev Cadell, there are specific reasons why we usually don’t go through with our New Year Resolutions.
new-years-resolutions(1) Setting Goals That Are Too Big :  BE REALISTIC while setting your goals. If you weigh 90 kg, there’s no point making a resolution to lose 40 kg.  It most probably won’t happen.  One of the rules for smart goal-setting involves creating goals that are achievable.  If you truly believe you can achieve something, you will be more likely to go after it.
(2) Making Resolutions That Are Too General : YOU WON’T go far if your resolution is, for example, to be a nicer person.  You have to be definite.  What aspect of yourself do you want to change?  How are you going to go about it ?
(3) Giving Up Too Soon :  GYMS ARE always full in January, but by the next month, only the strong-willed are seen around.  The problem is that people give up too soon.  Sticking to any new behaviour, that is not habitual, can be challenging.  Habits take weeks of practice and consistency to stick.  Do not give up on your resolution, before the habit has even had a chance to form.
(4) Not Believing In Yourself : THIS WILL be your biggest hurdle.  You have to believe in yourself that you can accomplish what you set out to achieve, otherwise, there is little point in going after it.

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