Unleash the gypsy in you

What best brings out your wild, gypsy side ?  Being in touch with your deeply passionate, creative side imparts a touch of magic to an ordinary life.  There are times all of us feel the power of the life force within us, when we feel one with Nature and her rhythms.  Creative urges flow best, our senses are heightened and all faculties sharpened.  It is then that everything else is incidental and life becomes intoxicating, seducing one to walk a bit on the wild side.  It is then you may walk with a delicious swagger, you may sing in abandon, dance with the wild ……… And, it is then that one realises the futility of setting limitations when we harbour such power within.
Painting-Abstract-620x335Each of us has a gypsy within us, the wild one who peeps out at times but is quickly shuttered, reined in by societal norms and recriminations, by the custodians of worldly virtuosity and morality.  But, in that instant, you have been introduced to your raw, natural and powerful side, which is the wellspring of passion and creativity.  It would be worthwhile to consider what brings out the wild, raw side.  Is the gypsy within you cajoled out by music ?  By emotions aroused by the monsoon ?  By the thrill of an admiring glance ?  Whatever it is, cherish the source, because it allows you an opportunity to meet your own self deep down as you are …….
When people lose touch with their wild sides, they lose a precious ingredient of their lives, the critical something that adds magic to life.  Gypsies are the unfettered souls who internalise the freedom that we deny ourselves.  They live free lives and are romanticised and envied by the rest of the world —However, like with every wilderness, your wild side has its dangerous edge as well.  The more evolved you are spiritually, the finer and more charming will be your wild self.  Indulge in it.  However, your inner self could also well be a disaster area that unleashes all kinds of dark urges.  These then need to be understood from a vantage viewpoint and tempered in a manner that helps us evolve best.

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