Spiritual resolutions

Every New Year brings, to us, the feeling of a new beginning.  Apparently, there is no diametric difference between December 31 and January 1, but there must be something mystical, deep down in our souls and hearts, exhorting our minds to make a resolution for every New Year.  When a complete year winds down, we begin to make certain resolutions to enhance our health, wealth and prosperity.  Some common resolutions are losing weight, giving up smoking and consuming alcohol.  But, we often miss out on ‘spiritual’ resolutions.
What is the true concept of ‘spiritual’ resolutions ?  It is not just about prayer, fasting, alms giving or reciting the verse of religious scriptures.  No, ‘spiritual’ resolution is neither as easy-going as all this, nor too difficult and elusive as for those who consider ‘spirituality’ as something beyond their grasp and comprehension.  The ‘spiritual’ resolution to start a New Year should be to make a firm and unshakeable commitment to TREAT THE SICKNESS OF THE PSYCHE.
Mystics gave paramount importance to the cure of the disorders that imperil the NAFS (self).  Prophet Muhammad always exhorted his companions to focus on SELF-PURIFICATION.    Spiritual sickness is far graver then physical illness, to the extent that, if it is left uncured, its poisonous tentacles dramatically spread from an individual to the whole society.  Even modern psychology has stressed the need for the spiritual cure of psychological disorders.  Although modern scientific researchers have equipped us with renewed awareness of this spiritual need, we tend to overlook it when it comes to our resolutions and priorities in personal life.  We witness that the effects of spiritual sickness, prevailing in our society, continue to disturb modern life shattering the peace of mind.
Consequently, our world is transforming from a God-gifted safe haven into a hell of wars, violence, insecurity, dishonesty and chaos.  Let us all try and gear up for the purification of our hearts this year.
————- Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi

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