The guardian tree

Blast from the past…


The Guardian Tree or ‘NAGALINGA’. believed to be a native of the Central American rain forests, nobody is sure how or when these tall, spectacular beauties arrived in the Indian sub-continent.  While some scholars say they were brought by European traders, others propose a more ancient migration route.
The tree could have been a native of an ancient land mass connecting Asia and the Americas several millennia ago, that later separated into the Continents that we know today.  Bengaluru and Chennai were once famous for their NAGALINGA avenues, very few of which survive today.  There are bound to be at least a couple of them in every neighbourhood though.
Known as Mallikarjuna, Lingada Huvu, Nagasampige and Kaman Gola around India, the trees are commonly planted as GUARDIAN TREES around Shiva temples and Buddhist shrines, as they hold special significances in the mythologies of…

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