This & That

peeking in the bucket-painting-1
(1) Tomorrow God isn’t going to ask you : 
(a) What did you dream ? 
(b)  What did you think ? 
(c) What did you plan ? 
(d) What did you preach ? ———– He is going to ask you: WHAT DID YOU DO ? ——– Michael Quoist 

microminiature_book_tiny(2) In 1965, the Toppan Printing Company of Japan claimed that it had published the ‘world’s smallest book’, smaller than the 5 millimetre by 5 millimetre BIBLE displayed in the Gutenberg Museum, Germany.  The 24-page book, which is 2.8 millimetres by 4 millimetres, in size, 1 millimetre thick and weighs less than 1 gram, contains 100 Japanese poems.  The Company said that a strong reading glass was necessary to read the poems (5 on a page).  They were written in Japanese. 

(3) Every artist dips his brush, in his own Soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures. —- Henry Ward Beecher. 

(4) Be always AT WAR with YOUR VICES ; AT PEACE with YOUR NEIGHBOURS, and let each New Year find you a better man. —– Benjamin Franklin. 
(5) Heart without action is a DAYDREAM ; Action without heart is a NIGHTMARE. 
(6) Up to the age of 20, I owned little more than my clothes, my pride and my appetite.  From 20-50, I was like a magpie, and brought home everything I fancied and could afford.  From 50-60, I sat and looked and enjoyed what was mine, but then, between 60-70, I found my enjoyment lay in giving my possessions away.  Now at 70, my 3-score + 10, I find only three possessions worth keeping : my Bible, my spectacles and my false teeth. —- A. Marais. 

(7) Money is a singular thing.  It ranks with love , as man’s greatest source of joy.  And with death, as man’s greatest source of anxiety. —- John Kenneth Galbraith. 
(8) The great thing about a computer notebook is that, no matter how much you stuff into it doesn’t get bigger or heavier. —Bill Gates. 

(9) This is the key of life : the ability to ‘reflect, the ability to ‘know thyself’ and the ability to ‘pause for a second’ before reacting automatically.  If you can truly know yourself, you will begin the journey of transformation. —Deepak Chopra. 

(10) In 1955, America dance for joy twice in the streets.  Once, it was for an event unprecedented in the history of Brooklyn —– the DODGERS actually beat the NEW YORK YANKEES and won the World Series.  The 2nd time, when Dr. Jonas Salk’s vaccine (on April 12), tried on a large-scale trial on school children, worked.  Science had conquered Polio. 
(11) People, in Public Relations, sometimes use this analogy, to explain their craft. ——— When the circus comes to town and you paint a sign about it ——– that’s ADVERTISING.  Put the sign at the back of an elephant and march him through Beverly Hills ——— that’s PROMOTION.  If the elephant walks through the Mayor’s flower-bed ——– that’s PUBLICITY and if you can get the Mayor to laugh or comment about it ——— That’s PUBLIC RELATIONS. — Michael Levine. 
(12) Rejection slips :
(a) Tailor —- No References ;
(b) Printer —- Not The Right Type ;
(c) Lumberjack —- Just Can’t Hack It ;
(d) Butcher —- Doesn’t Meat (meet) Requirements ;
(e) Photographer —- Too Negative.

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