For peace and harmony

Blast from the past..


Choosing colours according to your zodiac sign helps create PEACE & HARMONY at home.  An ancient esoteric belief is gaining favour with many, that the colours at home influence or alter moods and feelings of the inmates.
ARIES : Red, scarlet and carmine are usually colours associated with this sign.  However, your self esteem and sense of independence tend to disable you from comprehending another’s point of view, so avoid these colours.  Use the harmonising and healing hues of GREEN in lanterns, torans, rangolis, candles, table display to decorate your room.  Also, bringing in live greens as embellishments will surely dress up your home with positive vibrations.
TAURUS : Being an earthy sign, shades of green, orange and yellow at home empower your personality traits.  To help strengthen love and social harmony at home, you need to control your streak of rigidity and stubbornness.  Surround yourself with vibrations of RED-VIOLET…

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