Yummy guava

GUAVAS can be enjoyed as they are and lend themselves very well to be paired with all salts (plain, pink and Maldon).  The other ingredients that they absolutely adore are chillies and lemon.  Blend guavas with a bit of water, strain, add sugar to taste, a few drops of tabasco or a slit green chilly, a squeeze of lime and pour this over a few cubes of ice.  You will have a drink that is just yummy.
Guava Jelly and Guava Cheese are yummy too!
Guava Jelly 
Guava-JellyIngredients —— 1 kg ripe guavas ; 1tsp citric acid ; 750gm sugar ;  1 litre water. 
Method : Slice the guavas really thin, cover with water and cook them till really soft.  Strain the guavas through a fine cloth.  Strain in a way that only the liquid is strained out.  Leave for a few hours.  Measure the drained liquid and take 3/4 of its volume in sugar.  Add the sugar and heat till it dissolves.  Add the citric acid, at this stage the liquid will achieve a jelly-like consistency.  Turn off the heat and allow to cool.  Pour into clean and sterilised bottles and seal.  Enjoy the jelly with toast or chapatis or as a topping for desserts.
Guava Cheese
Guava Cheese Flan_RecipeIngredients for pulp —— 1 kg ripe guavas ; 1tsp citric acid. 
Method:  Cut the guavas into small bits.  Cover with water and cook till soft.  Push through a sieve such that the skin and seeds are removed and only the liquid pulp is extracted. 
Ingredients for guava cheese —— 1 cup guava pulp ; 1.5 cups sugar ; 1 spoon butter ; a few drops of lemon juice ; a pinch of salt. 
Method : In a thick-bottomed vessel add the butter, sugar and the guava pulp.  Cook and continue to stir till it thickens.  Then add the lemon juice and salt and stir.  Prepare a tray by smearing it with butter.  Once the pulp begins to get lumpy, take it off the heat and pour it into the tray and pat it to flatten evenly.  Allow it to cool, cut into whatever shape you desire

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