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Akshay Kumar brings out his best in this gritty thriller

Baby-Movie-First-Look-hd-Poster-2014-15Frankly speaking, I wasn’t quite impressed with the title of the movie when it was announced. I still am not convinced. The movie itself however, is a different story altogether (pun intended). Punchy, gritty, tense, volatile, unexpected…and more, Neeraj Pandey helms what is arguably the best action thriller to come out of Bollywood in a long time.  No over the top car chases, or long drawn fight sequences, Neeraj keeps it real and throws in a more than a couple of surprises to garnish the dish. A big shoutout to the dialogues, which are so well woven into the scenes that the funny moments are provided by simple one-liners; its the scenes then, that create the humour.

Akshay Kumar. He has this knack of bringing out some real gems (Oh My God, Special 26) from his cacophony of releases , and…

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