10-day bahubali event

MASTAKABHISHEKAKarkala town has become a hub of activity with hundreds of devotees and pilgrims from various parts of the state and also from outside congregating her to participate in the historic MASTAKABHISHEKA of Sri Bahubali Swamy.  The 10-day event began on Wednesday (21, January, 2015) and will continue till January 31.  During the “Mastakabhisheka” , the 41.5 feet tall monolith is anointed with milk, turmeric, chandan (sandalwood) oaste, rice powder, water, pandukashila_pooja_shravanabelagola_20111021_2045572027tender coconut, sugarcane juice, ‘asta gandha’ and flowers along with Ratna (gold, silver and gems) Vrusti.  In addition to the great anointing, there are many rituals including “PANCHAKALYANA”, celebration.
“On the first two days there are rituals like Bhwajarohana, Brahma Yaksha Deva Aradhana, Shri Bali Vidhana, Navagraha Mahashanthi, Grama Bali and Vastu Pooja.  Theses rituals are to worship the “Parivara Devatas,” of the place,” Mahamastakabhisheka Committee secretary Gunapal Kadamba told Deccan Chronicle.
“Panchakala celebration marks the five auspicious events in the life of Jain Thirthankaras.  Here we observe the Panchakalyana of Neminatha Teerthankara, presiding deity of Hiriyangady Basadi,” he said.  Panchakalyana celebrations start from January 26.

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