Mental workout

Often stuck in mundane jobs, all of us need to exercise those grey cells now and then.  According to, here are a few things you should do to stay sharp and prevent your brain from premature ageing.  
chromolithography8(1) Write A Diary :  Try keeping a diary. In this age of smartphones and computers, we hardly write in longhand.  But this actually helps your brain concentrate.  Think about your day and write about it in your diary at the end of the day.  It is a great exercise for your brain as it breaks the usual thought process. 
(2) Learn Or Listen To Music :  Try listening to music more often, particularly classical music.  It is said that classical music stimulates both sides of your brain simultaneously helping it to retain learned information better. 
(3) Smell Your Food :  While we rely too much on our sense of sight, we ignore our sense of smell.  To activate the area in the brain connected to olfactory senses, close your eyes at the dinner table and smell your food.  Or at the market, do the same exercise, trying to identify the spices, flowers, etc. with your eyes closed. 
68862a90bdbdf4eb2284b2d0f1a4ef33(4) Play Board Games :  Remember how much you loved playing board games when you were young ?  Certain board games like chess, ludo, monopoly, etc. put your brain to work, making it think and remember your moves.  This is a great way and a fun way to enhance brainpower. 
(5) Learn A New Language : Learning a new language will make your brain go over the fundamental details of the complex information, which will boost brain activity and better recall capacity.  This will also develop new pathways in the brain and prevent decaying of the brain cells. 
(6) Socialise : Try to reach more people and interact with them on a daily basis.  The brain develops new neurons while helping you present your arguments logically and communicate the right way to connect with people.  The bonus is that your brain gets a workout while you impress yourself with your wittiness out there. 
laugh(7) Use Your Left Hand More Often : If you are right-handed, you should try and use your left hand for some simple tasks as much as possible.  Or vice versa if you are left-handed.  Brush your teeth, open jars, doors, etc.  This forces your brain to establish a connection with a part of your body, which is used less.  This forms new pathways in the brain, preventing it from premature ageing.
(8) Take A Different Route To Work Or Home:  At times, try to take a different route to work or while heading back home.  Or, just go for a drive down a road you haven’t taken before.  This makes your brain take in new information through visual medium, stimulating the visual-spatial centre of the brain. 
(9) Laugh Out Loud :  Laughing activates the ventromedial prefrontal cortex and other regions, which releases dopamine.  Dopamine is essential for cognitive thinking, learning and retaining memory and attention.  Deficiency of dopamine leads to various cognitive failures later in life. 
(10) Wiggle Your Feet :  Your feet have receptors that connect to your brain.  Wiggling your feet early in the morning before getting out of be is a great way to exercise your grey cells.  This will improve brainpower, if practised daily.

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