Republic Day

I wish all my countrymen “A VERY HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY”.
Pooja ThakurToday’s Republic Day (2015) will go down in history —- For the first time  Wing Commander, Pooja Thakur, a lady officer will command the tri-service guard of honour for a visiting Head of State.  She is very proud to do the honours, and rightly so.  She was asked why she was not carrying the traditional sword, used to salute the dignitary.  She said, “The sword is carried by the Army and the Navy.  The IAF carry revolvers, and I’m carrying one.
With the BJP’s single-party majority in Parliament, the first time an ‘ideology-driven’ non-Congress party has assumed power at the Centre, the country has been placed on a political axis that is diametrically different from anything we have known since we became a Republic.
The President, on the eve of Republic Day, said this year was one of hope, with economic indicators offering optimism of moving forward toward a high growth trajectory, but reminded us that enacting legislation without discussion in Parliament was a breach of the trust reposed by the people.  Without a functioning legislature, there can be no Government, he cautioned.  These are wise words that go to the heart of the matter.
On this Republic day, Modi and Obama make history :  The future is IndUS.  The US president said, “Part of the reason we’re such natural partners is because we share values.  It was not just the confluence of the world’s two biggest democracies, but Obama Modiof two distinct personalities with profound styles, that set the tone for the Us President Barack Obama’s 3-day visit to India.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted Barack Obama with a ‘warm embrace’ in a highly symbolic—— yet diplomatically significant —— gesture, signalling a new dawn in India-US relations.
The PM told the media he believed that relations between countries depend less on “full stops and commas on papers” and more on relationships between leaders.  Personal chemistry matters a  lot!

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