Bengaluru street fare

Food in fine dining restaurants might be high on taste, but what you get on the streets is ‘comfort food’.  A walk down different food streets in Bengaluru is a proof of this, but you don’t need to visit a particular food street to sample the goodies.  We list some of the best!
bangalore shawarma 1
(1) SHAWARMA :  This Arabian delicacy is a popular snack in the city.  Shredded, roasted chicken is mixed with mayonnaise and pickled vegetables, and served in pita bread.  This is something that you can have at any time of the day.
boiled peanuts
(2) BOILED PEANUTS :  This is not only a healthy snack, but is tasty too.  Boiled peanuts are sold by vendors on carts and are mostly found throughout the day across Bengaluru.  The peanuts are boiled in saltwater and are quite the favourite with people across all age groups.
(3) CUCUMBER WITH CHILLI POWDER :  While cut cucumbers might be sold in different cities, in Bengaluru, it is available throughout the year and is quite popular during summers.  This is both healthy and filling.  
boiled corn
(4) BOILED CORN :  Like boiled peanuts, this has been around for years in the city and is quite in demand.  It is liked by children and old people alike and is available mostly in the evenings.  This is also sold by vendors in carts in different parts of the city. 
masala puri
(5)  MASALA PURI :  You are missing out on something if you haven’t tried Masala Puri.  Available only in the evenings, one should eat this piping hot.  Boiled and semi-smashed green peas are served in a gravy that is garnished with onions, chilli and puri, which is usually eaten spicy.
(6) VADA PAV :  This might not be native to Bengaluru, but it is surely a favourite with people here.  Vada Pav is available at quaint food stalls in the city and is another must-have evening snack.  It is not only healthy, but tasty too.  Make sure to try the fried chilly that comes with it as well.
churumuri 1
(7) CHURUMURI :  This is almost like the Bhel Puri from the North, except that there a few elements added that sets the Bengaluru Churumuri apart.  Puffed rice with tomto, roasted peanuts, mixture, grated carrots, onions, raw mango, coriander leaves, lime juice and salt to taste makes this street fare a favourite.
capsicum bajji
(8) CAPSICUM BAJJI :  If you have visited the food street on VV Puram, then you will be familiar with the Capsicum Bajji.  The best version of this is available on VV Puram, but it is offered in other parts of the city as well.  The entire capsicum is dipped in batter and fried and is then served with grated carrots, onion and masala that’s stuffed inside.  This makes for n interesting evening snack, especially if it is clubbed with a cup of tea or coffee.  
bangalore momo
(9) MOMO :  Momos are mostly sold by Nepalis and is available in the evening in stalls by the streets.  Hot and freshly-steamed momos are all one needs when getting back home after a hard day’s work.
(10) TIKKI PURI :  This a dry puri that is stuffed with grated carrot, onion, peanuts and tomato at times.  You can even ask the vendor to add some tamarind chutney.  This is served with a generous helping of puffed rice on top.
(11) NIPPATTU BURGER :  One of the favourites with tea and coffee found on the streets of Bengaluru is nippattu.  Made from chana dal paste, this is a flat fried snack that is served with coconut chutney.  Some of the stalls have given it a twist, and have come up with the Nippattu Burger, which is equally delicious.
Bangalore dosa
(12) DOSA: The list will remain incomplete if the humble dosa is not included.  Apart from the traditional plain and masala dosa, the city’s street vendors have their own version of the food item —– with some even offering up to 99 varieties.  
(13) FRUIT BOWL :  Bengalureans are health-conscious and like to have their daily intake of fruits in the form of fruit bowls.  Several vendors in the city serve cut fruits sprinkled with chat masala —- a perfect snack.    
Places to go to : *Sajjan Rao Circle, VVPuram ; * Around 8th Cross, Malleswaram ;* Around Seshadripuram College ;* 20th Main Road, Koramangala ;* 4th Block, Jayanagar ; *Gandhi Bazaar, Basavangudi ; * Around BDA Comple, Banashankari ; *Around CMH Road, Indiranagar ; Mosque Road, Frazer Town ; * 7th Phase, Puttenahalli, JP Nagar.

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