Half Girlfriend – by Chetan Bhagat – a quarter of my thoughts…


Half_GirlfriendEvery once in a while I settle down to attempt to read a piece of fiction. Today was my unlucky day…or unlucky half day (since I finished this book in a matter of hours, should be a more precise fraction actually). Chetan Bhagat wrote a book…

He had a prestigious college in it…students…one divergent…misunderstandings and separation…teary reunion…

Oh wait…thats not one of his books…thats like ALL of his books!

So here you have an imaginative title, the screenplay for the next 100 crore movie, a good paycheck, pieces borrowed from twelve and a HALF other movies…and a very happy author. Eric Segal meets poor man’s Saif Ali Khan meets the quintessential cancer patient (who survives for a change) mix them well, add a dash of mandatory sex scene, garnish with the poor man-rich girl- I will always wait for you tearjerker, and hey and pesto…out comes HALF a book!


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