Teas that can cure

teapot-tetsubinAll of us like a hot cuppa in the morning.  It’s a pick-me-up, it can ease headaches, lower cholesterol levels and stroke risk, lessen plaque and simply add a fun sip post a meal with its various flavours.  It is also the most globally drunk beverage.  In an age where nature cures are a go-to remedy, here’s a look at the most popular brews and how they could benefit you.
(1) CHRYSANTHEMUM TEA : Helps Battle Ageing —— This golden brown tea, made from dried flowers, has been a part of ancient Chinese medical therapies.  It contains Beta-carotene which can tackle skin problems, age-related eye trouble and is considered a cure to varicose veins.  It also boosts immunity and its potency makes it a powerful beverage to battle signs of ageing.  To enjoy its benefits, use either a tea-bag or add hot water. Allow it to steep for 3-5 minutes and enjoy.
(2) GREEN TEA : Boosts Immunity ——- With a powerhouse of antioxidants (a type of polyphenol called catechin), green tea is considered a super food.  It protects the skin from UV damage, helps lower blood pressure, prevents blood clots and Alzheimer’s disease, and can fight obesity.  Drinking it regularly is also thought to reduce the risk of high blood pressure.  One may have 3 cups of green tea a day for weight loss.  There is caffeine in green tea, so those sensitive to caffeine should limit their intake to just one cup per day.
(3) CHAMOMILE TEA : Alleviates Stress ——- This pleasant brew is a muscular relaxant and is said to have certain compounds which ease pain and leave you feeling tranquil.  Dip a tea-bag into freshly boiled water.  Let it steep for about three minutes.  Add some honey (optional).
Health-Benefits-Of-Rose-Tea(4) ROOIBOS TEA : Cure For Everything ——- Also called red bush tea, rooibos, is rich in iron, calcium and manganese and is regarded as a cure for everything from hypertension to depression and bone weakness.  It is caffeine-free and this can be had before bed-time.  To make it pour boiling water over the tea and steep for three minutes.
(5) GINGER TEA : Reduces Headaches ——- Dull headaches can happen anywhere and at anytime.  Tight deadlines, traffic jams, the weather, almost anything triggers a headache, which in turn causes neck-ache and even migraine.  But, ginger tea (root) can be an effective to ease headaches.  To make it,  add 2 knobs of  to water.  Once it boils, let it simmer.  Sip.
(6) HIBISCUS TEA : Prevents Cell- Damage ——- Rich red hibiscus tea is said to prevent cell-damage due to antioxidants.  It has a high percentage of Vitamin C.  It is also said to lower blood pressure.  To make it, place the leaves in a pot and pour hot  over it.  The leaves and flowers release colour.  Steep for 6 minutes.  THOS WHO ARE PREGNANT SHOULD AVOID IT.
(7) GINGKO BILOBA : Builds Alertness ——- The seed and leaf of the gingko tree were used in Chinese medicine for centuries.  Gingko tea is said to protect nerve cells against damage as well as decreased blood flow to the brain, which is said to be the main causes of Alzheimer’s.  It builds focus and enhances blood circulation in the body.
bigstock-Cup-of-tea-with-mint-24733847(8) LAVENDER TEA : Fights Stomach Infection ——- Aromatic lavender tea relieves bloating, flatulence and aids digestion.  To make it, add dried lavender leaves to boiling water and steep it for 4 minutes.  You can also cool this tea and rinse your scalp with it to ease infections.
(9) CHINESE HERBAL TEAS : Cure For Insomnia ——-  Chinese herbal tea blends hold a very important position in Chinese culture.  All the ingredients in these teas can be only found in nature and used without any chemical processes.  As per philosophy, they help build vital energy (Qi) and restore balance (Yin and Yang), increase immunity and have antioxidant properties.  Look for teas that have Asian ginseng, pu-erh, chrysanthemum, goji berry and hawthorn.
(10) OOLONG TEA : Aids Digestion ——- This ancient Chinese go-to remedy effectively aids digestion, lowers cholesterol levels and reduces plaque build-up.  The taste is between green and black tea and can increase alertness.  As per research, those who drank 1-5 cups of oolong tea per week were at a lesser risk of succumbing to cardio-vascular diseases.  To prepare it, add a tablespoon to a cup and steep it for three minutes.  You can also make a rinse out of it for thick, lustrous hair.
(11) CINNAMON-MINT TEA :  Anti-Viral Sip ——- Tea with cinnamon is said to be effective at warding off pain caused by arthritis, rheumatism and inflammation of the joints.  It is also said to prevent blood-clotting, and, as it is anti-viral, it can prevent cold and flu.  Mint helps soothe a troubled stomach and can effectively relax the body.
(12) ROSE TEA : Soothes Eyes ———- Delicate rose tea contains 25% more Vitamin C than an orange.  It helps with urinary infections and soothes eyes.  To make it, brew it in warm water for just two minutes.
——————- Ismat.Tahseen

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