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thinking1(1) The family is the GIANT SHOCK ABSORBER of society, to which the ‘bruised and battered’ individual returns after doing battle with the world. — Alvin Toffler 
(2) If you wish to heal your own sadness or anger, seek to heal the sadness and anger of another. —-The XIV Dalai Lama.
(3) It  is ‘nice to be important’, but, it is more ‘important to be nice’.  Do not hold the delusion that your advancement is accomplished by crushing others. —-Cicero. 

(4) Leila Seth (Vikram Seth’s mother) has written an autobiographical memoir : ON BALANCE.  She believed in ‘nestling’ one’s offspring “like a bird, holding him gently on a flat open palm, so that he flies away and comes back to your embrace.  But, if you hold him in a tight grip, he will never return.  Always remember to nurture your little one, with care, like a little flower.” 
(5) An ADVENTURE is only an INCONVENIENCE  rightly considered.  An INCONVENIENCE is only an ADVENTURE wrongly considered. —- G.K. Chesterton. 
(6) We are trained, from childhood, how to be with others, but, we are never taught how to be with ourselves.  BEING ALONE is mistaken for BEING A LONER.  But, ‘being alone’ is diving into our depth, where there is a silent pool of peace and creativity. —– Osho. 

(7) The 8th Ice Hockey Tournament was inaugurated at Kapila Pashkum in Kargil on 19/01/2015.  A blockage in Wakha River has formed a lake, which froze with the dipping mercury to become a NATURAL ICE-HOCKEY RINK.  Kashmir is in the grip of the harshest winter period (CHILLAI-KALAN) 

(8) Be a ‘lamp’, a ‘life-boat’, a ‘ladder’.  Help someone’s soul heal.  Walk out of your house like a ‘shepherd.’ —– Jalaluddin Rumi. 
thinking(9) There are 4 ways, and only 4 ways in which we have contact with the world.  We are ‘evaluated’ & ‘classified’ by these 4 contacts :  what we do —- how we look —- what we say —- how we say it. —-Dale Carnegie. 

(10) We created youth without heroism, age without wisdom and life without grandeur. — Nassim Taleb. 

(11)  We are our mind —– how can we lose it ?  You are living inside a clock and, for you, it stops one day.  For you there is always a ‘past programming’, a ‘future waiting to be conquered’, but NO PRESENT, as your mind is living in the ‘past’ & ‘future’. 

(12) The world is full of “willing people” some ‘willing to work’, the rest “willing to let them”. —Robert Frost. 
Ravi_Varma-Shakuntala_columbia(13) What is special about these words :  complex, on, rat, stall, accord ?  Each word can be ‘suffixed’ with ION, to form a new, unrelated word.   complex —- complexion, on —- onion, rat —- ration, stall —- stallion, accord —- accordion. 

(14) NOSTALGIA is like a ‘grammar lesson’ —- you find the “present tense”, but the “past perfect”. 

(15) A woman’s GUESS is much more accurate than a man’s CERTAINTY. — Kipling. 
(16) Suffering is ‘mental’ (consciousness of pain).  Pain is ‘physical (sensation of hurting.  Animals feel pain, they don’t suffer, because they cannot reflect upon themselves and draw meaning from their experiences.  But, we feel pain (physically) and suffer (mentally), because our actions carry worlds of meanings. 

(17) A birthday is just the 1st day of another 365-day journey around the Sun.  ENJOY THE TRIP. (Mind Chow) 

(18) It takes a lot of things to prove you are smart, but only one thing to prove you are ignorant . —- Don Harold. 
(19) The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity. —-Ayn Rand. 
(20) Why did the bees go on strike ?  Because they wanted MORE HONEY and LESS WORKING FLOWERS.

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