Squeeze in some reading time

Often, with our fast-paced lives, traffic, work deadlines and hectic social lives, we find little time to catch up on reading.  When we hear others speak about new books, we may seem to wonder how they manage to find time to read books, despite having a similar routine as ours  Here are a few ways to SQUEEZE IN SOME READING TIME :
Children(1) Take a Designated Reading Break :  Every day, instead of chatting with friends or going for that extra tea or coffee break, dedicate even 15 to 20 minutes to just read a book.
(2) Cut Down on Social, media Time :  Instead of spending that extra hour checking out profiles and status updates or playing a random game online, try to give that time to reading.
(3) Go Digital with Your Reading :  If you’re travelling to work by bus, try and read an e-book on your laptop or tablet.  If you drive, why not insert an audio book instead of playing the radio.
(4) Find a Reading Buddy :  At work, try to find a friend who likes reading and read the same books and compare notes.  This way, it encourages you to keep up with each other.
(5) Cut Down on Random Browsing :  Instead of reading those forwarded blogs or web links, try to utilise that time to read a book that you wanted online or at your work desk.
the-librarian(6) How About Some Bedtime Reading :  A good time to read is before you go to bed.  If you’re married, why not pick a book that you and your spouse can read together (provided you both are interested in the same genre)  This adds to the ‘us’ time.
(7) Go Out on a Reading Date :  If you’re happy with your own company, head to a quaint coffee shop and read a book you wanted.  This way, the ambience and the coffee perks you up.
(8) Leave A Book in the Bathroom :  Now, this doesn’t need much explanation does it ?  Instead of the newspaper or magazine, read that book.
(9) Say No to a Bad Book :  If the first 50 pages seem daunting, read another book.  This way, a bad book won’t put you off when you are attempting to read more.
(10) Read The Movie :  Yes, if you are planning on watching a new movie and it happens to be an adaptation of a book, then read the book first.
————–  HAPPY READING !!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Squeeze in some reading time

  1. In a day of digital media, it’s kind of hard for a non-reader to pick up a book. But I guess, we all should at least give a try. It’s soothing. For some (Read me). It’s relaxing. Nothing beats a good cup of tea with a good book.

    Those tips are very helpful! Hope more people will turn to reading!

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